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An initial conversation allows us to explore the ways we can work together that would be most beneficial for your current need.
Call for a clarifying conversation or book directly via the button to the right.


Create Clarity with the Body (single session) 800kr
Short and Focused (4-session learning process) 3.000kr
All In – Learning Process (3-month learning process) 8.500kr
All In – Intensive* (2 sessions daily over 2–4 days, price per session) 600kr

*2 or 3 days with 2 sessions each. I recommend an Intensive when an exeptional situation requires energy and attention or when you’re recovering from an acute injury and want to support your healing process from the beginning. It is also an option, when your’re curious to go deeper with a specific subject which has occupied your attention for a while and you want to make a „leap“.


Facilitation for Collaboration

This offer is highly tailored to suit your team or organisation. Book a free 20- to 30-minute conversation via the Booking-Link to the right for details and a concrete proposal.



You may change your appointment up to 24hrs before our session. For cancellation or changes after that deadline, you will be charged 1/2 of the normal session price.

Payment via bank transfer or mobile pay.


  • “Aninia has a very special ability to understand the body and its reactions to pain. She is thorough, trusting and not least, a good teacher.”

    – Stine, 28

  • “… to just see what happens and enjoy the moment. This is a great gift. Thank you for it.”

    – Anne, 32

  • “I have been going to Grinberg Sessions with Aninia … This gives me more freedom in being who I want to be both in the workplace and in my personal, close relationships.”

    – Dorthe, Head of Payroll, 42

  • “I learnt to open up to our physical language as the mirror reflection of our mental state, and to date I can say this led to better control and confidence in dealing with both good and hard times.”

    – Francesca, Project Manager, 35


Heart Work Management
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1903 Frederiksberg
+45 53 80 33 83

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