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Working with Aninia during Pregnancy

Sessions aim at teaching you to notice, communicate and provide for what you need, in order to feel well and safe.

Sessions teach relaxation, noticing and releasing restricting responses to fear or pain, to gain flexibility and energy.

Sessions are a space and time to listen with your whole body, to yourself as well as the new life within.

Touch, instructions and exercises are adjusted to provide the best learning experience for you in this time of change and exploration.

Relaxing into Being Two… and One

Regular sessions all throughout pregnancy are possible according to your needs and wishes.

Prices: 800kr First Session (75min.); 700kr / Regular Session (60min.)

Anna shares her experience:

During my pregnancy, sessions with Aninia helped me to work with the physical and emotional changes that occur.

Breathing and body work have helped me to soothe or relieve “symptoms” such as pain in the pelvic area, tension in the body, headache and most of all helped to provide a lot of energy, softness and flow in the body.

I feel more balanced and relaxed, looking forward to giving birth as a positive experience surrendering to whatever might occur instead of something that has to be feared.

All in all, surrendering or being able to let go, might describe best what the benefits of the sessions were for me.

Letting go of fear, pain and expectations all led to relief of these things, and instead there is more ease, space, energy and maybe most importantly joy.

Read also about Maria’s experience (in Danish).

Working with Aninia: My Experience

“…I have some problems with stress, which cause sometimes my hair and beard to not grow…”

This is what I wrote to Aninia in the first place. It was 18 March 2016. I was suggested her from a friend, who pictured Aninia as a sort of magician who could do miracles. I am usually skeptical towards what is not underpinned by scientific proofs; but the fact that the person who told me about Aninia was also a scientist, and the failure of some previous science-based attempts to solve my problem led me to make the contact.

I believe my problem starts in the psyche and its phenomenological expression is inhibition of hair/beard growth (the chemist inside me explains this has a bunch of stress-induced chemicals that attack the hair and causes all of the above). I therefore thought – and to a certain extent still try – to solve the problem from the psyche. But I quickly understood that Aninia’s approach goes the other way around: through the body, the physical experience and sensations to the psyche. She’s reversing the whole thing!

I did not know what to expect the first time I walked in. I only knew she would be checking my feet and probably ask me to take off my clothes. During the first session, we of course talked about me and my problem and then we moved on to do exercises. But session after session, I figured out that every session – sorry for the repetition – is structured, I would say, in three moments: a) conversation, b) physical exercise and c) observation. At this point in time, I knew of her physical approach and I had already experienced the power of it. I remember, I think it was the second time, having the whole day sore muscles in the neck and shoulders, like if I had been training hard; and instead she had “just” been playing around with her hands! That was shocking.
When this was clear to me, Aninia surprised me again showing fine ability as a psychologist. During our conversations she made it through my ideas and beliefs, challenged my own view of myself and, eventually, showed that I do not fully know who I am or what I want. Emblematic, in this regard, is when we were talking about some group work I was doing and she asked if I wanted to be a leader. My reply was “no, that’s not me, I do not have the charisma”. Few minutes later she showed me that, actually, yes I do like to be in the lead. Another shock!
This point, her psychological ability, was another score with me: as I said earlier, I thought my own problem resided in the psyche and thought that Aninia was trying to solve it from the body, the other way around. But now, I realized Aninia was tackling the problem from both sides: making me aware of my inner thoughts and, at the same time, working with the body: a combo approach!

By the end of May, I started being worried for a presentation I needed to give to some managers. Aninia came up with this training exercise to help me to be present and “fill the room“ with my own presence and words. For some reason, I was a bit embarrassed to do that exercise. In the end, my manager told me “very good presentation; not only the slides, also the way you presented”. Another score of Aninia and another “thanks” from me to her.

As summer holidays approached, Aninia started to give me take-home exercises and questionnaires. On one side, the daily questionnaire was a good way to stop for 10 minutes and look back at the day. This started to build a sort of log-book that I could scan through at a later stage to find patterns. When discussing my answers to questions about physical sensations, Aninia showed me that I interpreted them as questions about what is wrong: instead of being just a witness of my body, I was instead the judge, sentencing what was normal (and therefore not worth being noted down) and what was not normal. In this, I have a lot to improve still.
The exercises to do at home showed me another aspect: how much trust I had in Aninia and how much her studio was a special place. Doing those exercises at home, especially if my girlfriend was there, was not easy. It did not feel the right place and I was embarrassed, almost afraid of being laughed at. I believe this is the reason why they did not work that well: I was not giving myself 100% to the exercise.

By the end of the summer, I reached a level of awareness that Aninia had mentioned some time before: instead of noticing how my body reacted to some psychological situations, e.g. stress, using the body experience to understand what goes on in my psyche. So far, the belly is my “sensor of stress”.

At this point in time, some of my hair had started to grow again and I felt that I had a good toolbox (questionnaire and exercises), experience and awareness to try and see how it would go all by myself. Also I wanted to introduce more sport in my private life. So far I am training by myself with the aim of joining a football team. Let’s see what the future brings. So far, thanks a ton to Aninia!


P.S. I remember a TED talk about how body language influences mind

Dare in July – I’ll Jump with You!

You want to dare?

I am offering my company for those who would like to dare and jump into an intense experience.

Whether there is a symptom that has been bothering you and you want to dare trying a new approach to stop it

or you are curious to explore how to boost one of your dearest projects by daring to dive all in and gain energy with the body –

I’ll be happy to be next to you and guide you to take advantage of the energy of summer, the excitement of the unknown and the pleasure of surprises.

Let’s use this month to create a substancial change. Let’s make it a summer that truly refreshes and recharges your batteries all the way.


IN COPENHAGEN: 5 Sessions for only 2512 DKK (= 25% reduction to regular prices)

04/07: First meeting (Create Clarity with the Body)

12-15/07: Session 2+3

18-21/07: Session 4+5

IN BERLIN: 2-3 Sessions for only 120/150 € (= Intro-Price)

07/07: First Meeting + Session 2

08/07: Session 3 (or 2)


Call me for details at +45 53803383 or write an email to info@aninia.dk

I’m looking forward to hear from you! Aninia


Jeg er meget tilfreds, fordi jeg har lært noget!

Marianne kom til mig for 2 år siden over et forløb af 9 Sessioner. Hun havde haft ondt i skulderen hver dag den gang efter et styrt, som kom oveni en travl hverdag på hospitalet. Smerten forstærkede stressende situationer og omvent – der opstod irritation og en fornemmelse at være overvældet mange dage. En fornemmelse at alt og alle bare blev for meget.

Fornylig mødtes vi igen, og jeg spurgte hende, hvordan det gik med hendes skulder. Hun fortalte om hendes oplevelse siden vores forløb:

“Jeg har stadig nogen gang ondt i skulderen og den er ikke helt så fleksibelt som den havde været inden styrtet. Men jeg er jo slet ikke bange for smerten mere og det fylder derfor mindre. Jeg har meget mere overskud til også at tænke på andre ting.
Nogen gang, når det er meget slemt, så gør jeg nogle af de øvelser jeg lærte hos dig. Dem med at spænde op så meget jeg kan og bagefter give slip. Og det hjælper altså meget! Det synes jeg.

Nogen gang kommer sådan en pludslig, stærk smerte. Så tager jeg lige et skridt tilbage, trykker på det sted og trækker vejret op til smerten.
På denne måde har jeg lige som en lille „rescue remedy“ jeg kan have med, istedet for at tage smertestillende. Smerten aftager altid efter jeg har lige trukket vejret et par gange.

Jeg er meget tilfreds, fordi jeg har lært noget! Som jeg kan bruge, når det er.

Hvis man gider bruge det.

Og jeg har ikke brugt smertestillende siden og gjorte gode ting for mig selv istedet for.”

Det gør mig så glad at høre, når folk kan bruge det de har lært også så mange år efter vores samarbejde.

Så fedt, når vi ikke bare fikser noget akut i vores samarbejde men også skaber nogle redskaber der kan bruges fremover.

Er du nysgerrigt på, hvad der er du kunne lære? Jeg vil meget gerne tale med dig om hvordan vi kunne arbejde sammen. Skriv eller ring endelig – så finder vi ud af noget.

Nogen gange forstår jeg intet… og jeg nyder det alligevel

Jeg kan bliver ret irriteret over, når nogen fortæller mig, hvordan jeg skal gøre for at have et fantastisk liv.

Du ved – de der posts, hvor folk beskriver de 5 trin, der skal til for at have succes.

Eller leve sundt.

Eller håndtere kærestesorg.


Jeg synes, de er irriterende og prætentiøse. Mest fordi de ofte bliver beskrevet på en 100%-sikker måde; at dette er DE trin.

Eller når folk fortæller om deres nye system, hvor de har fundet lykken. Eller deres nye teori om forhold, gruppedynamik eller personlighedstest som er beskrevet i en eller anden bog. Holistisk tænkning. Mindfulness. Crossfit. Business-succes.

Og måske virkede det endda for dem, der skriver eller fortæller.

Men selv hvis det gjorte – hvordan kan de være sikre på, at det var disse trin, der virkede? Hvis de havde været lige så fokuserede og brugt en anden metode, ville de så have oplevet anderledes resultater?

Jeg kan virkelig blive hidsig over det, jeg opfatter som falsk sikkerhed i det præsenterede system. Måske bliver jeg så hidsig, fordi jeg har ledt efter det selv allerede fleregange… Det vil bare være så meget nemmere, hvis al information, jeg har behov for fandtes ét sted. Leveret af én person. Eller en bog.

Men når jeg prøver det, så mislykkes det altid. Fordi, uanset hvem eller hvad der fortæller sandheden – de har ikke erfaringerne fra mit liv. Min krop. Min realitet.

Så… jeg kan bruge andres teorier til at strukturere mine tanker. Være inspireret af deres øvelser eller deres tilgang med henblik på at udvikle en tilgang, der virker i mit liv. Så behøver jeg ikke købe ind i ét system. Eller énperson.

Jeg kan være inspireret af folk, selv når jeg er sur på dem. Ved at kigge på hvad det er de gør, jeg vil holde ude af mit liv eller i det mindste ikke selv gøre…

Det er noget jeg lærer lige så stille.

Og fornyligt  fik jeg den slags spørgsmål selv… Spørgsmål hvor det er så fristende at svare med god råd. Åh ja. Hvis du bare gørsom mig, så får du fantastiske resultater min ven!

Folk siger, at jeg lader til at have en masse energi. Og det virker til, at jeg kan blive ved og ved og ved, lige meget hvor intenst livet bliver. Og Aninia, hvordan gør du det?

Det er så fristende at sige – du kunne have det samme, hvis du bare brugte min teknik. Og her og her og her er de femten trin, du skal tage over de næste tre år.

Men… jeg har ingen anelse. Jeg er ikke en gang sikker på, at de ting jeg gør med vilje, er dem der fører til effekten og min oplevelse idag. Eller om de måske bare er måder til  at strukturere sindet. Måder at guide mig selv igennem tidens gang og det der sker, sker bare tilfældigt.

Vilkårligt. Fordi en person stødte ind i mig i Netto igår.

Eller pga. klimakrisen. Eller fordi jeg så tre røde biler i træk igår.

Alt det vil igen bare være forklaringer på noget, jeg aldrig kan have fuld svar på. Fordi livet er for komplekst for at blive forklaret i få sætninger.

Dybest set, synes jeg det er for komplekst til at blive forklaret nogensinde. Eller. Måske ikke nogensinde, fordi jeg kunne ændre mening om et par måneder. Men. Lige nu. Jeg ser ikke, hvordan jeg kan forklare liv og hvorfor ting virker eller ikke virker.

Men jeg kan opleve livet.

Jeg kan opleve, hvad jeg synes virker og hvad ikke gør. Og så kan jeg sigte mod at skabe flere af de oplevelser jeg gerne vil have (= have det godt) og håndtere det, når det nu ikke virker.

Jeg øver mig i at have bevare min selvtillid, også i kaos. Også hvis jeg ikke ved, hvorfor ting virker. Nogen gang lykkes det, andre gange gør det ikke. De gange hvor jeg lykkes med det begynder at opveje de andre. Det kan jeg godt lide.

Og det jeg gerne vil gøre er at dele mit perspektiv. Min opfattelse. Min tilstedeværelse mens du måske går igennem noget der er hårdt eller forvirrende eller mærkelig.

Fordi nogle gange er det bare nemmere, hvis man ikke er alene i denne skik. Især når der er så mange, der råber “JEG VED!” – “FØLG!” – “FORSTÅ!”

Jeg kan godt lide det, når jeg ikke behøver gøre det. Ikke fordi det altid er behageligt. Men fordi jeg kan slappe af og undersøge.

Noglegange forstår jeg ingenting. Men jeg nyder livet alligevel.

Hvis du er nysgerrigt på at nyde mere uden altid præcist skulle forklare hvorfor, kontakt mig gerne for at prøve en individuel session.
  • “Tænker tit på dig og alt det du har åbnet op for mig. Jeg står stærkt i mig selv, stærk nok til at jeg kan hjælpe andre med at stå på deres måde.”

    / Hans Peter

  • “…hun er en fantastisk historie-fortæller med en no-nonsense måde at tale om personlig udvikling.”

    / Magdalena, trainer & facilitator

  • “Du hjalp mig meget med at komme ud af en slags boble jeg har været i siden ulykken.”

    / Astrid, 42 år

  • “Aninia har én helt særlig evne til at sætte sig ind i kroppen og dens reaktion på smerte. Hun er grundig, tillidsfuld og ikke mindst en god formidler.”

    / Stine, 28


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