About Aninia

I’m a people person. I’m passionate about empowering individuals to move through their lives and their relationships while maintaining their well-being and integrity.
I create conditions that enable and support connection and collaboration as a basis for more healthy, creative, and sustainable solutions in life.
I listen with my whole body and like to share with others this idea that we can focus our attention while staying connected to the world around us and taking care of the things that need to be done.

My Motivation

My Approach in Working with Others

I teach pragmatic physical tools to increase and maintain energy

I consider body, mind, and perception of the world to be interdependent

I create courageous spaces for learning and collaboration

I ask the uncomfortable questions and listen with my whole body

I strive to tailor relevant exercises to the individual or situation in question

I prioritize physical needs and freedom in movement

I work with a combination of description and questions, movement, and touch

I meet challenges with an attitude of dance


Since 2009, I’ve trained individuals on how to integrate their body and attention in order to be more present, less stressed, and more confident in their interactions.
My work with individuals is inspired by my previous experience working with groups. Teams and communities offer opportunities beyond what we can achieve as individuals, while at the same time being dependent on the input and well-being of each participant.
Another inspiration in both group and individual work is my personal curiosity for movement, bodies, and learning new things to expand my horizon of what it means to be human and to grow.

My Training and Passions
Seth Godin’s altMBA, 2016
Doula Diplom, 2016
Qualified Grinberg Method Practitioner, 2013

  • Fire-Course of the Grinberg Method, 2013(Fokus på muskler, relationer, bevægelse)
  • Intensives 2013
  • Recovery 1 (2013), 2 (2015)
  • Trainer Training (2013-2014)

Certified Theaterpädagoge (Physical Theater, Masks, Theakademie Berlin), 2009
Certified Intercultural Trainer/Coach (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), 2007
Dance: Lindy Hop, Contemporary, Gaga, improvised free dance

Work in Organisations and Organisational Development
Board member, International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners, 2014–2016
Secretary, CISV Germany – Building Global Friendship, 2007–2009
Counselor, Assistant Director at Camp Rising Sun Europe, 2006, 2008
National Junior Representative, CISV Germany, 2003–2005

  • “Aninia has a very special ability to understand the body and its reactions to pain. She is thorough, trusting and not least, a good teacher.”

    – Stine, 28

  • “… to just see what happens and enjoy the moment. This is a great gift. Thank you for it.”

    – Anne, 32

  • “I have been going to Grinberg Sessions with Aninia … This gives me more freedom in being who I want to be both in the workplace and in my personal, close relationships.”

    – Dorthe, Head of Payroll, 42

  • “I learnt to open up to our physical language as the mirror reflection of our mental state, and to date I can say this led to better control and confidence in dealing with both good and hard times.”

    – Francesca, Project Manager, 35


Heart Work Management
Sankt Knuds Vej 23B 1
1903 Frederiksberg
+45 53 80 33 83

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Gitte Lotinga - www.billedskabet.dk
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Stefan Ansorge

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Niels Nygaard

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